Wedding dance routines
tailored to same sex couples

Rainbow Wedding Dance is proud to be a strong supporter of marriage equality for the LGBTQ community in Sydney. We specialise in creating customised wedding dances to same sex couples. We cater for the simplest bridal dance to the most stand out routines. You can even get your guests involved. Just tell us everything you always dreamed of and we’ll make it happen. We really listen to what you want and tailor your dance to your style, so you and your partner feel confident and look amazing on your first dance.

It Will Be Unforgettable - Add the WOW Factor to Your First Dance!

Make your wedding dance the highlight of your big day! We specialise in creating same sex routines that suit your song choice and are easy to follow while creating the WOW factor you want. Have your guest talking about your first dance for years to come!

Gay Wedding Dance Customised To What You Want

Whether you just want to look natural or want something really extravagant, we are here to help. All we care about is to make sure you are happy, feel confident and love your wedding dance. Just tell us everything you always dreamed of and we’ll make it happen.

Gay Wedding Dance Lessons - Have Fun Together In the Lead Up To Your Big Day

We promise to make your wedding dance classes fun and relaxed; something you and your partner will enjoy doing together in the lead up to your wedding day. Your instructor will make you feel at ease from your very first lesson, and whether you’ve danced before or are absolute beginners, we’ll work together to create a routine that you feel confident with and that suits your wedding style.

Same Sex Wedding Dance Like No Other – Dare to Be Different

Everyone is different! Your wedding dance doesn’t need to be a traditional bridal dance. If you have more of an eccentric style, we can certainly create something unique that suits you and your partner. Regardless of the song and dance style you choose, we can choreograph a customised wedding dance to ensure you feel confident and look amazing on your first dance as a married couple. Together we’ll make your first dance one of the highlights of your big day!

Wedding Dance - ‘Last Minute’ Lessons

The wedding dance is often one of the last things in the list when you’re planning your wedding. If your big day is getting closer and you don’t have time for many classes, our last minute lessons will enable you to learn some simple steps that you can easily remember and still look amazing on your first dance. Don’t panic if you have left it to the last minute, you’ll be surprised to see how much you can learn in only a couple private lessons!

Wedding Dance with Something Special

Looking for something a bit edgy? Group dances are a great way of surprising your guests and give them something to remember, not to mention it’s lots of fun too! Invite your bridesmaids and groomsmen to learn a unique routine done to the song of your choice – no experience required.

Same Sex Wedding Dance Private Lessons

Our years of experience have shown that the most effective way to learn a wedding dance routine is to have it customised to your style and learned over a period of 8 to 10 weeks. This time will help you to memorise the steps and feel a lot more confident on your big day.

Wedding Dance and a Bit More – Hit the Dance Floor

If you are planning for a night of non-stop dancing, we can help with that too! We can teach you extra two or three easy to follow routines that you will be able to dance to a number of songs. Alternatively, you can give us the songs of your choice and we’ll create something extra for you.

Look Amazing On Your First Dance

We will work with you to create the perfect wedding dance to suit your personality and wedding style. We want you to feel beautiful, natural and confident in your first dance. It will be one of the most memorable moments of your big day!

Impress Your Guests with Your Wedding Dance

Have your guests talking about your wedding dance for years to come. With a few private lessons you can learn simple tricks and steps that will make you look amazing on the dance floor. Make your first dance a special moment of your reception. Together we’ll create a wedding dance that will add the WOW factor to your big day!

Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor with You

One of the best things of weddings is to dance with your loved ones. Get your family and friends on the dance floor and lead them on an easy to follow routine. It will be lots of fun!

Best Gay Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney

At Rainbow Wedding Dance you will find the best bridal dance instructors in Sydney. With many years of experience and having helped hundreds of same sex couples in Sydney to make their dream wedding dance come true. We our very proud of our work and confident to say we provide the best gay wedding dance classes in Sydney. Our studio has the perfect flooring, plenty of light and big mirrors so you can imagine how amazing you will look on your first dance as a married couple.

What our clients say

" I just wanted to thank the team at Dream Wedding Dance for making our wedding dance something that we will never forget. Aimee was extremely friendly, patient, helpful and talented during our wedding dance lessons. My husband and I looked forward to each dance lesson and were continually encouraged throughout the journey. Our wedding dance was one of the main highlights of the wedding and was a hit with our guests! Our friends and family all came up to us afterwards to share with us how much they enjoyed our performance. We couldn’t recommend Aimee and the team at highly enough! We enjoyed our lessons so much that we want to continue our dance journey after the wedding. "

Melissa Morton

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